Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some info for the current PJ operations

I've started collecting a list of the websites for the ongoing operations from the new DXCC entities in PJ (Netherland Antilles). I originally intended to do this for myself (so that I could make sure that my contacts were in the logs), but realized that it'd be useful for others. (I apologize if this has been done already, I couldn't find a simple list myself.) The list as it stands is definitely incomplete and I'll be adding to it as I find other websites. I've set it up as a separate page here on my blog which you can get to by clicking  Websites for 10/10/10 Operations from PJ2-7 from the list of pages at the top of my blog (or by just clicking that link).

At the time that I'm writing this, at least two of the sites have live video streams, most have online logs that seem to be updated very frequently, and one (PJ4D) even has a real-time log. It's fun listening to the op (either via the video stream or over the air) and watching the calls scroll up the screen. 

Please let me know either by email or a comment to this of any additions or corrections and I'll be happy to publish them.

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