Friday, June 05, 2009

Addition to the the toolbox

About 18 months ago, I published a series of posts about Tools for Ham Radio. I haven’t really done any updates there since I published, so I’m going to try to occasionally write about either updates to the tools that I mentioned or new tools that I’ve found.

I’ll start off with K2DSL’s Maidenhead Grid Square Locator. This belongs in Part 4 of my series, The Internet Tool. What David has done is to create a simple web application that will take any one of several pieces of information such as an address, a callsign, or a 4 or 6 digit grid square and return a map showing that Maidenhead grid square.  This will primarily be of interest to operators working on 6m and higher, although there are some HF awards that require the grid square as well.

Here’s a little tip for you: Since the mapping functionality is powered by Google Maps, in the address field you can put in anything that Google Maps recognizes, such as landmarks, airports, or parks. For example, if you enter “High Point State Park” you’ll see where I’ll be operating with my club during the upcoming VHF QSO Party next weekend.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The actual post-Dayton writeups

I hope that some of you got a chuckle out of my last posting, "My First Annual Pre-Post Dayton writeup". I've personally gotten a kick out of re-reading it then reading the various real blog and forum postings. The one at entitled "Dayton 2009 Reflected" has an initial article and a bunch of follow-up comments. When I read some of them, I could have sworn they were lightly-edited versions of what I'd written. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Update (03 June): Steve, K9ZW, has done a whole series of posts about Dayton on his blog, "With Varying Frequency", which I recommend reading.