Websites for 10/10/10 DX Operations from PJ2-7

Here's a list of websites that I've found for the operations in the Netherlands Antilles (PJ2-7) that are on the air as the result of the political changes that went into effect on 10/10/10. I know this list isn't complete and I'll be happy to add any sites when I'm aware of them. Please email me with updated information. Note that almost everyone active also has an entry on so check there if it's not on this list.
  • PJ2T - Curacao - QRT with 14,276 QSOs
  • PJ2LS - Curacao- From Louis, PJ2LS: "During the time I was in Europe, someone used my call sign PJ2LS making CW contacts. This was from October 6 till October 28. I feel sorry to all the radio amateurs who think they worked a new DXCC/IOTA."
  • PJ4B - Bonaire - QRT with 14,726 QSOs
  • PJ4D - Bonaire - Also contains combined logs for at least some of the following: PJ4B, PJ4D, PJ4I, PJ4N and PJ4W with part time operations by Hans, PJ4LS and Peter, PJ4NX. - Final logs uploaded for PJ4B, PJ4D and PJ4W as of 24 October.
  • PJ6A - Saba QRT as of 21:00Z 22 October with 57, 515 QSOs
  • PJ7E - Sint Maarten - QRT with 74,435 QSOs
  • PJ7MF - Sint Maarten
IOTA news: There are changes to the IOTA numbers for Curacao, please see the RSGB IOTA page for details.
  Last updated: 31-October-2010 17:45 GMT


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