Monday, October 04, 2010

One worked, one confirmed

Yesterday I worked Kouichi, JI1FGX/DU9 operating from Mindanao Islands in the Philippines. I'd worked a DU back in 2002 but unfortunately have been unable to get a confirmation from him. His US manager hasn't received logs from him in years, and as a result can't confirm my contact. Kouichi was the first DU contact since then, and I was very happy to discover that he has an active manager in Japan, so my chances of getting a confirmation from him are excellent.

Along the same lines, today I received a QSL card back from the 3C9B DXpedition to Equatorial Guinea that I'd worked in June of this year. That confirms my 295th country in mixed mode and 218th confirmed on CW. (I see that I have about 35 countries on CW that I haven't confirmed yet, I guess I'd better start getting some cards sent out.)

My numbers will change in about a week when the reorganization of the Netherlands Antilles results in a probable deletion of 2 entities and the addition of 4 or 5, but I'm very happy to be so close to 300.

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  1. Hi Dave, very nice snagging JI1FGX/DU9 and yes getting confirmations can be frustrating at times for sure.