Thursday, October 21, 2010

A meta-post

This is a short meta-post. That is, it's a post about my posts. Actually, it's a post about some responses that I've been getting to my posts. In my recent post about how the pileups for some of the PJ stations were huge, Bill, W9VA, who was the operator at PJ2T at the time that I posted the image of my bandscope, comments about what it was like on the other end of the pileup.

On my soapbox post about how people don't seem to listen, I got a bunch of comments. Most of them were agreements with my thoughts (including a rather astonishing anecdote from Ed, N4EMG). There was also a comment from Jeremy, KB7QOA, who mentions that he hasn't jumped into the piles because he hasn't learned how to operate split on his radio. David, K2DSL, responded with detailed instructions, which really demonstrates the ham spirit.

As an aside, the reason why I'm mentioning these comments is because Blogger, the platform that I use for blogging, doesn't support an easy way for folks to see comments that have been posted after they've read an entry, and I wanted to make sure that my readers had the opportunity to see them. If you've commented recently, or even not so recently, and I didn't mention it, please don't take it personally. I do read and usually reply to most comments here and they are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for everyone for contributing.

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