Monday, April 11, 2011

Ann, KP2YL, SK

I very rarely post "news" items, but I received the following email from Steve, KF2TI via the DX-News reflector and wanted to repost it here. I'd met Ann and Brian several times at NJDXA meetings and of course had worked Ann many, many times. She will be missed.

One of the greatest things about being in The 3 Steve's ARC was going to ST Croix to visit our dear friends, Brian (KP2HC) and Ann (The Queen of DX) KP2YL and to use their station and actually be DX.  Not only were we busy working stations, but I got over my fear of flying..something Ann never let me forget
Many a time, while working HUGE pile-ups on 80M, I could throw my call out and she would spend a few minutes with me on the air, then right back to the pile-ups.
Ann and Brian are responsible for many new band countries for St Croix for so many
It is with that in mind that I pass along the sad news that Ann, passed away quietly, in the company of her friend and husband, on the island that they both loved, this morning
Brian has asked that you keep Ann and him in your thoughts and to give him some time before you email or call.
I speak for the all 3 Steve's when I say that a small part of us passed this day as well
As it is said, may her memory be a blessing


  1. Brian KP2HC12:20 AM

    Thanks Steve for your comments. And thanks Dave for posting them.

    Ann truely loved this hobby. Even for a hard core CW guy like me she was a joy to listen to. Many times I sat in the room while she operated just to listen to her. She treated every QSO as though it was special for the op on the other end. More often than not - with dozens of stations standing by - she would ask "Can I get your name for the log please?" And it was almost always a paper log. She felt paper logs made it more personal. And she almost always wrote notes on the back of her QSL cards to make sure recepients knew it wasn't just another QSL card. She really cared. She was a special person with the truest of souls. I love her more than life. And I miss her terribly.

  2. Brian,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I recall sitting in my shack with the radio on listening to Ann work stations, and it was enjoyable to listen to because it wasn't the usual rapid-fire "running" of stations. I did not know her well, yet every contact I had with her truly felt like speaking with a friend.