Monday, June 21, 2010

Now I've got too much to write about

It's been quite a while since I wrote last, mostly because I didn't have all that much that I felt was interesting. There were a few bits here and there, but none worth writing about. All of a sudden, I have a lot to write about. 

I'll start with a couple of relatively quick things here, and try to get another update out in a couple of days with more.

First, I may be on the air at some point next Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday as K2DBK/VP9 from Bermuda.  I'm going to be there on vacation and while I hadn't planned on getting on the air, through a series of events I wound up connecting with Ed, VP9GE. If you've worked VP9 on 6m, chances are that you've worked Ed.  This was all very last minute, but I'm trying to arrange at least an "eyeball QSO" (that's a face-to-face meeting for any non-hams out there) with Ed while I'm in town, and Ed's already said that he's going to try to get me a license to operate from there. I don't know how much I'll know before leaving, but hopefully if I make it on the air I'll get spotted on the packet clusters, and if possible I'll try to post here, on my page at, and even on (@k2dbk).

The other quick thing that I wanted to post about was that fellow blogger Jeff, KE9V, has started a new podcast called "Cornbread Road". As Jeff describes it, it's a "different kind of podcast", and here's what his "About" page says: 
Deep in the Heartland a small group of ham radio enthusiasts enjoy an idyllic existence of wide open spaces, no antenna restrictions, low-noise levels, dark skies, and good fellowship. But things aren’t exactly as they seem on Cornbread Road. Unexplained lights in the night skies, satellite signals masked from the ether, strange late night visitors to this small farming community…
Cornbread Road is a ham radio mystery delivered in tiny audio giblets.
I listened to the first episode during my ride into work this morning and I really enjoyed it.

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