Saturday, April 24, 2010

My first new entity for 2010

Yesterday morning, I got a nice surprise. I was working from home in the morning and chatting on the computer with Larry, N4VA. He was also at home and told me that Jimmy, BX5AA was coming in very strong on 20 meters. Jimmy is located in Taiwan, and that's a DXCC entity that I'd never worked before, so I was anxious to try to make a contact. I tuned to the frequency and at first, I only heard a very weak station, which I assumed was Jimmy, and figured that I wasn't going to have a chance to work him. It wasn't surprising that he'd be louder to Larry, since he's got a beam on his tower instead of just a G5RV (wire) up in the air.

However, it turns out that I was hearing a local station that Jimmy was working, and when it was Jimmy's turn to transmit I heard him very well. (I had heard him and tried to work him in the past, but the signals were much weaker.) Although he had a pretty good pileup, he heard part of my callsign (the "BK" part always seems to get through), and he asked just for the "Bravo Kilo" station. It took a few tries, but he was patient and eventually he got the complete and correct callsign, and gave me a 5x5 signal report. (I gave him a 5x9). That was that, and he moved on to working other stations.

I noticed on his website that he uses Logbook of The World, so that night I uploaded my contact with him, and to my surprise I found that he'd already uploaded his contacts and there was a confirmed QSL record generated. The time from contact to confirmation was probably under 12 hours. Not bad for a station from Taiwan!

I'll be sending for a paper card anyway, as while I think LoTW is fantastic, there's nothing like having an old-fashioned QSL card to look at.


  1. AWESOME graphics for your blog - and the ham radio information is top notch also. Well done!

  2. Hi from Arizona, just getting back into Ham radio and enjoyed your blog.


    Scottsdale Arizona

  3. Thanks Norm, and welcome back to the hobby.