Thursday, September 11, 2008

Operating /MM from FM39 this weekend

Sorry for the short notice, but I'll be operating along with Matthew, K2NUD, as K2NUD/MM this weekend from the all-water grid square of FM39 in the September VHF QSO Party this weekend. Matthew and I have been talking about this for quite some time, but until we were reasonably certain that we wouldn't run into swells from a hurricane, we weren't quite sure if this was going to happen. As it is, although hurricane Hanna has been gone long enough to not affect the waves, and Ike is down in the Gulf of Mexico, the weather forecast for Saturday isn't great, with predictions for rain and possibly a thunderstorm. We'll obviously need to disconnect the antennas if thunderstorms come through, but we do expect to operate if it's just raining.

We'll be fairly close to the upper left-hand corner of the grid, only a few miles from land. Our current plans are to operate from the beginning of the contest (18:00 UTC or 2PM EDT on Saturday) for probably around 6 hours, at which time we'll head back in to shore. We won't be on the air at all from the boat on Sunday. We'll definitely be on 6 meters and 2 meters and possibly 70 cm as well. We're bringing a small beam (which would be our preference) and also a loop for 6m, so we'll use whatever works out best.

All the timing is subject to weather and what the boat's captain decides.

Assuming all goes well, look for another posting in a few days with details.

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